This website is proudly sponsored by the angry indian association of America, a division of the Arif foundation, est 1938

The Arif effect is a program that was created by world legend and cadet pro Arif Khan, it is a strict regime that guarantees a loss of 60kg in 15 minutes or your money back.

The concept is simple, eat only foods with the Arif seal of approval, or as Arif calls it, a meal of approval.

The reason for the success is that technology has not progressed enough for the production of food that meets Arifs exacting standards, therefore you can not eat any food ever. Water is a no no and breathing should be kept to a minimum due to the high number of fat particles in the air.

So, you may ask, how does one handle living without any food or water? The answer is obvious, as Arif has quoted at his millions of speeches, you simply need to harden the f*** up. food is for quiters and noone wants to weigh more than 12kg

The Arif Effect was set up in 1997 when Arif realised the future of the world. Since that time over 183,405,285 customers have achieved their goal weight thanks to the wonders of Arifs strict yet genius program. The happy customers dont lie, see our review page to see what they have to say

 The Arif Effect has proven effective in African countries