TAE Temporary Tattoo

$ 55 USD

Now you can rock the brand and show the world you are dedicated to your health.


Can be applied to almost anywhere on the body, and will last between 3 days to 6 years.




TAE Pill

$ 10000 USD

The product that hit the world by storm.


With the unique blend of household and industrial ingredients, this pill works to seal the inside of the stomach to prevent unwanted digestion of spiders etc.


Please note that the price is for a box of 100 pills.


The price does not include postage, handling, tax, or on road costs.


Fecal matter recycling unit

No Image Available

$ 29995 USD

The fecal matter recycling unit is the perfect accessory for any health concious individual.

Now more practical than ever with the included trailer unit, simply hitch behind the car and take to work, to school, or anywhere your busy and healthy lifestyle requires it to be. 

But how the fuck does it work you ask? Simply empty any bodily waste into the inlet, then press start and the machine will sort the good from the bad, incinerating the waste and returning any nutricious matter in the form of a Natures Valley bar.


TAE Stickers

$ 12 USD

Stick it on your bike, skateboard, mailbox, or cat!

The new TAE stickers are sure to please everyone!

Your neighbours will love the attractive colours, youll love the personal image, and as always, we'll love the free advertising!


Product may differ from the image shown. (Actually made with a Brother label maker)