Listed below are reviews from those who have enjoyed the success of The Arif Effect


Sandy - Receptionist:

The Arif effect is shit, I hate the idea of eating nothing and the water at my house tastes so damn good, instead I have opted for Another program, The Fayez Method, where you can eat anything which isnt considered a god in India, so pretty much just expired picnic bars but whatever I dont give a s***


Ian - Hobo:

The Arif Effect has changed my life! I weigh less than I did when i was 2 and im loving every minute of it! I cant even remember the days when i weighed 57kg.


Mango - Pacific Island Employment Finder:

Ow Sweet


Randy - Supermarket owner:

Ever since the phenomenon of The Arif Effect took hold of the world, business has been right down, all I ever sell is Light bulbs and photos of mongooses riding bicycles


Michael  - Skux ass asian:

Ever since I started on the regime I have gotten really ripped, but the air in my house is particularly fatty which really inhibits the effectiveness of the program, I am currently 22.7948229384kg, my goal weight is 0.0000000891kg


Wei Tu Fin - Trademe Reseller:

Me buy pill for cheap 2 sell trademe. but 2 good 2 sell. keep for self. and feed to wife. 5 star


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